Mine (Jason McCann Fanfiction)

Mine (Jason McCann Fanfiction)

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"She's Mine. And If I can't have her, noone cane." - Jason McCann.

Note: I do not own this story what so ever. All creds go to user beautifulmistakes ! You can find this original story on quotev. Posting with permisson from author :)


Manjilaxx Manjilaxx Nov 25
😂😂😂😂😂😂 that went from 0-1000000000000000 real fricking quick
Dude you thought... YOU LEFT THE FREAKING DOG HOW WOULD SHE LOVE YOU (not saying if he hadn't left the dog she'd love but still)
I don't know why the original author just can't copy and paste. Make a account on WattPad, then just create the story again. Instead of having someone else post, gaining more follows and reads.
myadoreable myadoreable 4 days ago
You just said his name. What you on I want some my mom will be like didn't I tell you to do the dishes and I will be like 'SHDHSJWJUEJDBFHD'
Are you watching dan and Phil or band crack videos? This is important.
*laughs really loudly then turns to loud coughing* HELL TO THE NO