The Curse of the Pharaoh

The Curse of the Pharaoh

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Kim M Kimselius By KimMKimselius Updated Nov 22, 2016

Deep down in a pharaoh's grave in present-time Egypt something strange happens. Ramona puts her hands across two hieroglyphs on the wall in the chamber. At the same time she utters a string of words and suddenly Theo realises that Ramona has disappeared.

Ramona has come to a dark, cold and ghastly place. She regrets what she has done and tries to get back to daylight and Theo. But she doesn't succeed. Trembling she puts her arms tightly around herself to keep the panic away.

Theo's search for Ramona takes him on a journey in time, further away than he has ever dreamed of, to the year 1323 before Christ and the empire of the pharaoh Tutanchamun. A time of power, unfathomable wealth and intrigue. Tutanchamun's curse is the least of all the worries that Theo and Ramona experience.

"With her first historical adventure book Back to Pompeii Kim M. Kimselius made an astounding debut. The curse of the Pharaoh is another much longed-for book in this series of freestanding historical books. Kim has always shown a big interest for history and she is always trying to inspire kids to read and write. In her books Kim mixes fact with fantasy in such an ingenious and captivating way that you can't stop reading. Kim's books thrill the reader for a couple of hours and give knowledge for life."

An independent historical adventure featuring Theo and Ramona.

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