I am not a witch

I am not a witch

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Kim M Kimselius By KimMKimselius Updated Nov 22, 2016

"No! Not again!" Ramona cried, terrified.

Theo knew exactly what had made her scream: Another time travel! Where were they going this time?

In the next moment they stand face to face with a bonfire on top of which a poor girl is tied. Without hesitation they raise a ladder against the pile of wood just starting to burn. Quickly Ramona climbs up and loosens the girl's ties.

The people around them seem petrified, not sure of what is going on. But when Theo, Ramona and the girl start running away a real wild witch-hunt begins. They have traveled in time to the dreadful past when innocent women were regarded as witches and being persecuted. Soon they are all accused of being witches and the same destiny awaits them as the girl they had rescued earlier.