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The Tragedies and Triumphs of Taryn

The Tragedies and Triumphs of Taryn

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Jennifer By FeenixPhyre Updated Jan 17, 2011

Taryn had a perfect life-until Max came into it. He turned her sweet,doting mother into a cowering shell of her former self. He struck fear into Taryn's heart, and terryfied her at every turn-until she had enough. Now unable to turn back, she faces an uncertain future. Her only stable companion is her journal, which she pours her heart and soul into every night.

Emo_Wolf_Love_ Emo_Wolf_Love_ Jan 18, 2011
Hai!!! I reallys likes the story baby!! Posts more!! I wants more!! Gives evil stare, or i shall use mai amazing tickling abilities!!! Bwahahahahaha fear mai!!
frenchie92 frenchie92 Jan 17, 2011
OMFG JENNY!!! you are AMAZaGING!!!!!! for real!!!! ahhh!!!!! POST ANOTHER!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ!! i will but you a pack of cigs!!!!! lmfao!!!