My Brother's Best Friend

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Jessica By Blossom_Peaches Completed
After being away for two years, Sophie returns home to finish her last two years of school where she first began. But by the end of her first year, will she be able to face the second? Sophie's been through heart ache before and trys not to get too attached any any other guys, that is untill she finds herself falling completely head over heels for her brother's jerk best friend. 
    He's your regular high school heartthrob that has a reputation to contain and he and Sophie never got alone. They say that there's a line between hate and love...When he finds himself falling for Sophie, will he let his ego get in the way? Will he change his player ways or will Sophie feel that heartache all over again? Will Sophie be able to chose the path to follow without hurting the ones she loves most? Will Sophie be able to make the end of the school year without hurting herself?
Same here, ive got one older bro n one younger and they expect me to be this perf girly girly but im more of tomboy kinda cuz i grew up with 7 boys growing up u cant blame me xD
ANDY BEIRSACK!!!!!!!!!!! Jk his natural hair is more of a light brownish color but close enough!
Wtf. People on watt pad sometimes lmao like that is totally normal their is nothing wrong with that...
@kenzopink101 I'm pretty sure she meant "joggers" as in trackies
I thought it said I lost the baby and then I got so confused