Mark of the Alpha (Marking Series #1)

Mark of the Alpha (Marking Series #1)

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jackie taylor ♥️ By nycgiirl Updated Jul 07, 2017

After a devastating attack on the Callisto Pack by a pack of ruthless rouges, Annie Hart is left horrified and tragically broken. Annie was able to flee the onslaught with her six-year-old brother, Theodore.  Jasper Hart, Annie's older brother and future Alpha of the Callisto Pack, is nowhere to be found - dead or alive, Annie doesn't know. 

When their neighboring pack, the Crescent Pack, takes in and helps Annie and Theodore, Annie finds the most important entity in her life - Tristan Hale, Alpha of the Crescent Pack, is her mate. 

Tristan Hale became alpha of a merciless pack at a young age. With his past and relentless training, he became austere and reserved. But when a young beauty stumbles upon his territory, his and his pack's future becomes brighter. 

However, when the rumor of one of the strongest packs in North America finding their Luna becomes known, Alpha Hale must claim what's his to protect his and the Crescent Pack's future.

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Story idea created: Friday, October 18, 2013

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