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Mika Ngamoki By odemira Updated Oct 05

Sometimes the truth is not what you'd expect.


"They call him Blackheart," Evelyn grumbled as she showed the new girl around. It wasn't often that their pack had newcomers but according to her father Mireya Nakamura's mother had been born in to the Heathridge pack, her family moved to neutral land when she was still a child and now Camille, Mireya's mother, had moved the family home after a mysterious run in with another pack.

"Why Blackheart?" Mireya stopped as Evelyn moved on. She was curious about the man sitting all alone at the edge of the group. He looked distant and despondent as he looked off into the distance. 

"Because of what he did to his mate," Evelyn began before realizing that Mireya had no idea what she was talking about. "A couple of month's ago he rejected his pregnant mate leaving another man to raise his bastard of a pup." 

There was a bitter tone to Evelyn's voice, "who was his mate?" Mireya asked before she knew the words had left her mouth. She often had a problem with speaking before she had a chance to think things through. It had always been a problem for young Mireya but people rarely corrected her.

"My sister," Evelyn replied. The words sounded like acid dripping through her teeth, the venom and poison in her voice was not lost on the newcomer as she took hold of Evelyn's hand and pulled her in the opposite direction.

Mireya tore her glance from the lonesome man. Every inch of her felt sorry for him. When the two girls returned to their families Mireya noticed just how happy Evelyn's sister was, it struck her as odd.

If it was her that was rejected why was she not behaving like the man everyone had labelled Blackheart?

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AllyKcatt AllyKcatt Aug 07
I think that Evelyn's sister wasn't actually 'Blackhearts' mate. I think she cheated on Blackheart with her true mate (the man she is with now) and the result of that was her child. That explains why she's happy and why she got rejected
Voluntear Voluntear Nov 23, 2016
This book is so interesting ! Your such an amazing author ! Definetley looking forward to reading every single chapter :)