She Runs With Wolves

She Runs With Wolves

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Jenni. By ellarose12 Completed

Mate. For the shifting community, this is the term applied to the one person who is yours and yours alone; a soul mate. So imagine the shock Bianca faces when at the young age of sixteen she goes through her first shift and manages to meet her mate.

Yet he has other ideas for the happily ever after she was raised to be believe it would be. Left in the wilderness and fighting for life, its her wolf that takes over and her true journey has only just begun. 


[ this is a first draft and requires editing ]
© 2013 ellarose12

  • mate
  • rejection
  • revenge
  • shifter
  • wolf
  • wolfpack
FandomsBandomsLove FandomsBandomsLove Jul 12, 2017
Thats so sad but if she let it have her babies there would've been more
fffuckme fffuckme Nov 09, 2017
I am soley reading this book based on the fact that my name is Bianca💯
fffuckme fffuckme Nov 09, 2017
Bro my name is Bianca and I'm born in April too... Diamond is also my birthstone...strange
_DaffodilReader_ _DaffodilReader_ Feb 26, 2017
Im running with the wolves tonight
                              Im running with the wolves!!!!!!
Unknown_Camo_Wolf Unknown_Camo_Wolf Feb 13, 2017
Sierra oscar 
                              Mike echo
                              Foxtrot oscar romeo 
                              Tango hotel Indy Sierra 
                              "Sierra tango oscar romeo yankee"
SayWhatYouFeel SayWhatYouFeel Dec 25, 2016
Never trashy, always classy. Always gorgeous, never whore-ish.