Notorious  | ✓

Notorious | ✓

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noelle By hepburnettes Completed

Callum Wright, the boy with a heart of stone, is the number one target of Hell Week. And Scout Dawson, who fights fire with fire by falling in love with him, can only get burnt.

belyboo belyboo Aug 02
I love how everyone is SHOCKED by the ship sinking but sexual references and all are like nope idgaf
yenuli_d yenuli_d Jul 04
don't get attached don't get attached godammit DO NOT GET ATTACHED
Notorious Sartorius, first thing I thought when I saw this book, but it's actually really good.
illeman illeman Jun 12
Euhm... picks up my heart by the strings and away from my sleeve.😫
AdNiteo AdNiteo Jul 24
@OreoGirl16 You should read this 😏 No but honestly Noelle is an amazing writer, check out her other books too cx
readnbless readnbless Aug 05
I actually appreciate the warning. I never know what I end up reading & something it results in me crying bc of the heart break.