Anything for you (1D FF)

Anything for you (1D FF)

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Kaylee By BajanCanadianfangrl Updated Feb 19, 2014

Chapter 3

Niall's POV

Kaylee and I just sat there... Staring at each other.

"You got to join the band!" I say.

"No.." Kaylee says looking at me.

"Please join!" I say.

"NO! I don't sing good!" she said.

"Kaylee, we all love your singing its beautiful, just like you! C'mon please, join the band for me?" I say.

"No, Ni." she said.

"Please! I'll tickle you too you're bones hurt!" I said.

"Doesn't make sense." She said.

I reach my arms over to her and start tickling her. I sat on her stomach.

Zayn walks in. 

Kaylees POV

"Niall! *gasp* You *gasp* know *gasp* I can't *gasp* breathe when p *gasp* people tic*gasp* kle- *gasp* me! *gasp* FINE! *gasp* i'll join! *gasp* YOU WIN!" I yell.

He stood up and Zayn laughed.

I gripped my sides because they hurt badly. 

"If you guys get married and have it, it will hurt more than it hurts you now." Zayn said.

"Niall wouldn't hurt me!" I say.

"Think again, he's aggressive." Zayn said.

Niall looked out the window.

"He doesn't like seeing...