Purely Percabeth One-Shots

Purely Percabeth One-Shots

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aquablazePJF By aquablazePJF Completed

Just random one shots of this wonderful duo :-D

The first few one-shots are fine, but I assure you, they get better as you read on :-)

NOTE: These are all my stories, but they're based on Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus series.

whats a good song to listen to while reading this? I'm pretty sure listening to FOB and imagine dragons while reading is not the best choice even though it gives a dark effect.
Skye_Valdez Skye_Valdez Jan 10
Well Naturally If you tell someone not to ask they gonna ask. So...how and why?
I read the comment above and for some reason, my mind immediately went to that Little Mermaid song😂
                              DONT BE SCARED
                              YOU GOT THE MOOD PREPARED
                              GO ON AND KISS THE GIRL
just f***ing kiss the girl already!!!
                              cmon, we're waiting!!!
And she thinks Percy Is oblivious??? He is practically hugging her and say someone loves her and she doesn't get the hint???