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Violet Memories [On Hold]

Violet Memories [On Hold]

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TheRightKindOfForest By TheRightKindOfForest Updated Jan 27, 2011

Violet Memories

The Price you Pay For The Ones You Love.

Violet has to deal with a lot in her life, an abusive father, a practicly deranged mother, and a sister with leukaemia. Is it her lucky day when she finds out that she can open the doors that hold peoples memories, or will it just throw her and her family into even more disaster.

TheRightKindOfForest TheRightKindOfForest Feb 08, 2011
@Thepixiesmuse lolage Helene!! I swear u and Manga r the only people Iknow who diss them selves!! Love ya!!
TheRightKindOfForest TheRightKindOfForest Jan 27, 2011
Though I highly doubt that anyone will even bother to read my Story or this comment, I'm still gonna say Thanks!