The Unwanted Gifts

The Unwanted Gifts

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Alison Page By Jesus_Forever Completed

Almost everyone has some sort of power. mostly today it's where people are super smart or good at inventing, ect... 

Willow, Ava, Sapphire, Lexi, Peter, and Parker are normal teen, with some "Unwanted Gifts" they tried to live a normal life, but that didn't seem to be an option any more...   

 One summer the six teens go on their yearly trip to "Les cadeaux non désirés" (The camping sight) where they meet Keda and Kya Orage their new trainers. When the trip is over and everyone goes back home to the life they wish they could forget, and realize their lives are getting to complicated, and they will never have want they want (a normal life), when some things from "Les cadeaux non désirés" (The camping sight) go back with them.

Author's Note-  I would like to let everyone know that the cover is by APP1EWH1TE, I think she did an amazing job! And also a thank you to Alisa30452 and IAMTHESHIPPINGGODESS for also designing covers they did a great job too. 
I would also like to thank Zynawarriors 
For helping me come up with the name of the book, some of the plot, characters, and helping me write some chapters.

I also want to let everyone know that the first couple chapters will suck but I promise it will get better. I'm not 100% sure where this story is going but there might/most likely be- Depression, abuse, Christianity, and who knows what.

I really hope you like the story, and thanks for reading! (Sorry if there are any typos)

Completed, November 20, 2016 - January 31, 2018

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VolanaHaingotiana VolanaHaingotiana Apr 06, 2017
Most of the time our parents expect us, to do the exact same job as them. It's like they won't let us choose our own future. Interesting chapter #BGBC
cheytaylor1 cheytaylor1 Jun 07, 2017
The POV Switches give the story a cinematic experience, but it feels more like a script than an actual book. I also agree with Gravity that it could use more detail. But overall, this is a great start! Keep on writing! 
GravityWillFall01 GravityWillFall01 Apr 22, 2017
                              The plot has potential, but you need to decide whether you are going to write in script form or book form. Because going between the two is confusing. Also the story could use a bit more detail.
Tanya25211109 Tanya25211109 Dec 12, 2016
Sorry, my account won't a low me to verify but thanks for the votes1
Tanya25211109 Tanya25211109 Jan 22, 2017
Hey, Lacey. Do u mind reading my new book please? "He's Mine" Ferida, Flynnunzel, Felsa and Fanna r in it
Tanya25211109 Tanya25211109 Dec 11, 2016
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