I Rejected the Bad Boy Alpha

I Rejected the Bad Boy Alpha

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HappyCandy14 By HappyCandy14 Updated Jun 18, 2014

"I April reject you Derek as my mate" i said

"I don't accept it" Derek said 

"You have to" i said sobbing 

"I don't want to" he almost yelled

"if you love me you would accept the decision i make" i yelled out loud 

"Fine, but you will be mine" Derek said. "I Derek accept your rejection, April"

I then ran away, my heart ripping into pieces and burning a hole through my chest. I ran and ran knowing were i was going.

NerdySoccer NerdySoccer Nov 08, 2017
Omg 😮 chill if she doesn’t want then she doesn’t need to ... U can’t make her do something she doesn’t want to say... Plus she told u already she want to get the real U
Kyute0Kitty Kyute0Kitty Jun 18, 2017
Why would he eat you? Im sitting here trying to figure out why😕
NLUSHS NLUSHS Mar 16, 2017
Gurllllll, keep away from him! He probably has some sort of sexually transmitted disease... You don't want that now, do you?
Tabassum_Mahjabin Tabassum_Mahjabin Aug 21, 2016
"You go find a bench outside to sit down. I'll be back with our lunch," said Derek.
CorsiD CorsiD Aug 18, 2016
I'm sorry, but this text is full of spelling and grammar mistakes - please get it edited!
_Cheshire_the_Cat_ _Cheshire_the_Cat_ Jul 27, 2016
Me: Hade as in hades!!
                              Friends:Whatever your little mind comes up with.