College Love [STEREK]

College Love [STEREK]

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Hey guys this is my first story ever so if its bad please dont be mean lol so here I go.
Derek's POV

When I first saw him I knew he had to be mine. It was my first day back to school and he was walking around with some guy looking lost. It was my second year here so I knew where to go so I decided this is my chance to talk to him.

"Hi",I said after walking up to them.

"Ummmmm hi?", He said a little unsure of himself.

"I couldnt help but notice that you looked lost so I decided to come and help you out".

"Thanks dude!!",The guy next to him said. "Names Scott McCall."

"Derek Hale",I looked at the boy next to Scott and asked for his name.

"Stiles Stilinski",He said. Its a odd name I thought but I like it on him. "Nice to meet you Stiles, so follow me and I will take you to your dorm room.",I said.

"Thanks", he said

Stiles POV

The whole time we were walking to our dorm I was lost in thought mesmerized by those green eyes and that cute stubble on his ...

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evangelion0319 evangelion0319 Feb 25, 2016
Don't forget to put the " ' " in couldn't, I am not trying to be mean sorry if it sounds mean.
HEllmersy2001 HEllmersy2001 Jan 18, 2017
Very good for your first story! I love the idea so far, and you're much better than me when I started XD keep it up and I can almost assure you, you'll go places. Don't mean to critique right off the bat, just wanted to say you're doing good!
Audurl Audurl Aug 08, 2015
When I first some him I knew he had to be mine. It * 
                              NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN
PartyWill PartyWill Jun 11, 2015
totally hooked , plz write more , kudos ! 
                              love Stiles & Dereck
xojoshy xojoshy Apr 18, 2014
This was a fantastic start of a chapter & ur an amazing writer ☻(≧∇≦)
DannyBlake DannyBlake Jan 13, 2014
i love it, and think you should write alot more.  Well done and keep it up!!!!