All I need ~ Drarry

All I need ~ Drarry

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Olivia By LostAllHope00 Updated Jan 21, 2016

Authors Note: This is a BoyxBoy fanfic, so if that's not what you're into then you may want to leave. Also if you don't know much about Harry Potter this is probably not the story for you... I'm going to work very hard to update and make this a good story and I apologize in advance if it takes me a while to update, sometimes my life gets kind of hectic between school, karate, and my home life... I hope you all enjoy!

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO ANY OF THE HARRY POTTER BOOKS OR MOVIES! They belong to J.K Rowling and the Warner Bros.

Chapter 1 ~ The unwanted feelings

Draco's POV

"I hate this bloody place. Another year at Hogwarts. Another year of having to deal with stupid Potter and his Mudblood and Weasley friends. I can't believe father is putting me through this," I though to myself as the Hogwarts Express pulled out of Kings Cross Station for my third year. My thoughts were disrupted by a loud voice.

"Draco!" It was Pansy.

"What?" I spat back at her.

"I was trying ...

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