My Teasing Alpha Mate

My Teasing Alpha Mate

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A/N : ok ! this is my first story so please be kind with the comments :) thank you ! Hope you guys like it!!





Run !! That was all I could get though in my head....I was done with my pack and my so called father. The whole dark-night pack treated me like shit. I was there servant all my life and there toy to beat up and hurt.  The only person in the entire pack that was nice to me was Jacob. I tried to stand up from another one of my so called packs beatings my wolf whimpered from the pain and so did I. All I could do is lay there with tears in my eyes while everyone left the dinning room  laughing and calling me pathetic and weak. Jacob walked in and ran to me as fast as he could with worry in his eyes. "what happened?!" "some of the pack came in to eat and as I served them I drop one of their drinks" "dam it alexa! that's it.. I'm taking you out of her and sending you where they can never find you." "really?" I asked in surprise and tears of happines...

First of all, there vs their vs they’re. Second can you please split this into smaller paragraphs?
olib715 olib715 Jul 29, 2016
Why is it in bold?  And the writer better write properly bc I'm not gonna read it if she spells your like ur
QueeeenSlayyyy QueeeenSlayyyy Apr 09, 2016
If she put spaces and writes who's talking then it'll be a good book
lilkiwi lilkiwi Oct 09, 2015
You have bad paragraph structure, every kg is in bold, and some miss spelling. Other than that you have a great story.
WhereAreMyCurtains WhereAreMyCurtains Sep 27, 2015
honestly, I don't like her character.  you've hardly spoke to him and u already wanna leave?  he's the best thing you're ever gonna get In life and he's the only mate you'll get so get your thinking straight and listen to your damn wolf.
musicismehdrug musicismehdrug Aug 19, 2015
this is the first story i've read with a tall girl omg finally