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The Time Traveler's Mistake (BWWM)

The Time Traveler's Mistake (BWWM)

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Jane Fonte By JaneFonte Updated Nov 06, 2016

Sarita is in crap up to her knees-literally. One minute she's standing in front of Ivy, the kooky bag lady who pushes a shopping cart full of garbage down her neighborhood, the next minute some grizzly white man is pointing a rifle at Sarita's head. Let's forget for a second that the urban gray buildings that were circling her has been replaced by forest and wide open meadows. Let's even forget the disgusting stench of dung Sarita seems to be standing in. Sarita can't shake the horrible dread that has replaced her trepidation when she heard the police sirens approaching. Those sirens were coming for her. Now they too are gone, all that echoes through her head are Ivy's crazy words.  "I can do it Sarita! I send you back. Make it so that you never murdered him!"  Send her back? Dear god was that batty woman telling the truth. Did she send Sarita back in time? But exactly how far back?! 
 Eli can't make his wits ends about where the negro boy came from. He's never seen anyone in the strange clothes the boy wears, and can't understand a word of the crazy babble coming from him. But he's got enough problems of his own with a new born motherless child. He doesn't need some crazy trespasser adding to it.  
 Ivy made a mistake. She's never grasped this whole time traveling thing. But when the sweet young lady who always brings her meals and clothes gets into trouble, Ivy is eager to help. Ivy meant to send Sarita back before all her troubles began, but instead sends her back a hundred and forty-three years to the wilderness in the year 1870.

MrSatan- MrSatan- Nov 06, 2016
i laughed so fuckin hard im such a historian nerd u don't understand
Alaisa10 Alaisa10 Mar 05, 2016
I can't believe these comments go back to 2013! You're a really great writer, this chapter makes me wish this book was finished 😩
flourel flourel Nov 11, 2016
Lol well you can't blame him she's dressed in trousers which was a mans thing don't forget women only started wearing pants some decades ago
flourel flourel Nov 11, 2016
Oh lol it's the clothes I forgot woman wore dresses back then
sweetlemons24 sweetlemons24 Oct 05, 2014
Absolutely love this book plz update more on all of ur stories ! You are so talented