Christmas of Love

Christmas of Love

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Ann Moss thought she was fine with spending Christmas break completely alone, stuck at College. She knew it would be the loneliest break she'd ever had, but was going to make the most of it. She had a plan. She was going to spend her time catching up on her reading. Something she hadn't had time for since starting her Freshman year at College back in August.

It was a good plan, but when she runs into the very attractive Colin Carter, a guy from her Art History class, at the College bookstore, four days before Christmas. Ann suddenly realizes how lame her plan is. And when Colin, a guy she hardly knows, suggest that she should come home with him for Christmas break, she doesn't know what to think. Who in their right mind would want to spend their whole Christmas break with complete strangers? But, somehow she finds herself agreeing to Colin Carter and his dreamy blue eyes. 

Will Ann regret agreeing to go home with Colin for Christmas break?

Find out in Christmas of Love.