9 Poems From ASPECTS OF LOVE By Strider Marcus Jones

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Strider Marcus Jones By stridermarcusjones Updated 5 years ago
Aspects Of Love is my first published collection of love and other poems. I hope you enjoy reading these poems and your comments are welcome on those you like. ASPECTS OF LOVE By Strider Marcus Jones~Publisher http:www.lulu.com~Book Poetry
    This held my heart and mind and body in thrall
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    This remarkable collection of poems about sexual love begins explosively, some might say orgasmically, with a short poem called Midnight Bouquet. And all the way through these packed pages to the words
     Who cares?
     I do, I
     For you, dark hair, almond eyes, wet-warm
    it held my heart, my body and my mind in thrall. In many ways Strider Marcus Jones is a modern-day Gerard Manley Hopkins (that coined word WET-WARM is one of many many examples). Except that Hopkins was a gentle and devout Catholic priest penned in by his vow of chastity and fear of sex and qualms about his sexual orientation and Jones is a modern man who has no inhibitions about putting down on paper the sheer beauty of sexual love. Hopkins was sensuous rather than sensual, a man who sublimated his sexual energy into his genuine love of God and nature and conservation to write many of the most beautiful and revolutionary poems in the history of literature. Jones on the other hand is both sensual and sensuous and shows us the joys and heartaches of love with every fibre of his considerable poetic talent.
*fans self*
                                    You just laid it all out huh?
                                    -bleed like heaven in your bliss-
                                    So in love with your poems!
poetry as foreplay--what's not to love?   This collection has some of the most romantic, erotic and sensuous poetry I have read.  A must read during this month of love and Valentines.   best, Kay wish I could  vote again and again.
A pounding rhythm to this meaty write> An Oasis for the corporeal soul where needs are met and more>let the grass part and the moment remain> A lush write where words are felt> V
Erotic to the core. Well describe my friend, pure lust. The truth of words here that don't fail to still be beautiful penned. It feels like French and how they would speak of lust. Needs to be translated into French me thinks,(ha ha!) it would sing beautifully there.  Enjoyed this.
Deliciously erotic, wild, raw, true to life and not falling into the abyss of obscenity, instead rising to the height of heavenly love and poetry, that's quite an act! Not a tiny bit sorry to have held that candle!
Wow that was great... proper hot... reminds me of what I been missing  hoo hoo!