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I'm The Rejected Mate

I'm The Rejected Mate

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jabouti By jabouti Updated Jun 11, 2015

"Because your a waste of time. I can't have a fat ass as an Alpha female. No one would respect me. Everyone would just laugh at me and disrespect me. So Ryan Song, I am rejecting you as a mate." I watched as he walked away from me, while I just stood there in the same spot, shocked.    Ryan Song was just rejected by her own mate, Drake Storm. Something in her finally broke. Her parents were killed by rouges, her older brother doesn't even show her love, her pack never ceases to stop with the bullying, and last and not least, Drake, her own mate, the one thats suppose to love you, the one you get stuck with eternally, rejects her. Feeling heartbroken, she left the Jade Pack and soon after joined the Shadow Pack, who helped her grow out of her shell.  Two years later, the Shadow pack became one of the strongest packs in the US.  Thanks to the new and improved Ryan Song, who is now heartless when it comes to other people but her pack. But because rouges and hunters seem to have multiplied, the Shadow pack had to join in one of Ryan's old pack, the Jade Pack.   Will she ever learn to break her stone heart once again? Will she ever forgive her pack for what they did to her? Her own brother? And most importantly, her own mate, who rejected her? Or will she walk away and leave them all in the past?   Find out in " I'm The Rejected Mate. "

Say it with your chest lil ahh bitch!! Lol LMFAO 😂😂😂😂
Can't go wrong if you cover your *coughs**voice turns deep**yells* dick! *coughs coughs*
Louislalax Louislalax Jan 03
She's getting the pampering she finally deserves 😃🤗👏🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻
The thing I find I sad is that realises all this when she's a actually gone
Adralene Adralene Nov 09, 2016
But y'all live in a mansion? Tf?  It's not even a pack, that's a GROUP of werewolfs.
YouAsktSomeThing YouAsktSomeThing Dec 27, 2016
I actually read all those 44 please. 😂😂😂😂...😅😄😀😐😒