Sold to Him

Sold to Him

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****READ "Playing with only Tainted Hearts " FIRST!****

"Y-You don't want me. I'm tainted," her tears stained her face as she backed away from me slowly.

"I will never leave you. Tainted or not, you're still my Queen, and you will always be my queen," I pulled her gently back to me before I placed a passionate kiss upon her rosy lips.


Daren Night is ruthless, cruel; one of the most feared men in the world, but he has always been intrigued by the idea of having someone of his own. Someone he could take care of and love. Someone he could show a different side of him to. Someone who would love him endlessly. 

He's had his eye on one girl in particular. A girl who has been broken beyond extent and torn to pieces by her drug addicted mother, who owes him for all of the drugs she's taken from him without pay.

Due to this, he's found a perfect time to get what's his. He's given the mom a chance to pay him back by something other than money: by giving him her daughter...
Date published:1.12.16
Date completed:N/A
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*Some mature content*

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RedWine105 RedWine105 Jan 08
I'm new to reading your stories. Reading your Playing With Only Tainted Hearts story and I've read it all within 1 day lol. I see you stopped at chapter 16 and haven't updated anymore for almost a week. It's ok. Maybe the story is finished?
CamryPaige CamryPaige Jan 15
This makes me feel like I don’t live on this planet. Cause I have NO idea what AKST PST, EST, or CST mean.
sexypoop sexypoop Jan 08
I'll go there for "cough" "cough" mature "cough" scene "cough"
Well I'm going to have a fun time down here in Bournemouth lol.
NanaMiller NanaMiller 6 days ago
this story is already twisting my emotions
                              also dude call me😂😂