Coming Home

Coming Home

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Pringles&Leopard By littleinfinitiesx Completed

Hannah Clarke and Nate Daniels.

Not lovers, nope; childhood best friends. They were inseparable, wherever there was Nate, there was Hannah. But what happens when Hannah moves away to LA? Will the best friends be able to handle it?

10 years later, Hannah comes back to London, with no form of contact from Nate for the past 10 years. What happens when she bumps into him at her University? Will they recognise each other or will they just not acknowledge each other at all? Throw in a crazy group of friends, a creepy stalker, some arguments, tears, confusion and a little bit of love, and her life changes in a way that she never expected. 

Who knew that Coming Home would be so dramatic?

- Please give this book a chance, it's our first book and it may seem cliche but please give it a go! Thanks.

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delena0707 delena0707 May 30, 2017
Ugh that's so true like last week (btw it's only spring) but last week it got to like 100°F
extrafriesnoexercise extrafriesnoexercise Jul 15, 2017
Aye, no need to be rude old flight attendant. Jeez, thought you were supposed to be sweet and that junk, gosh
HaleyBug05 HaleyBug05 Oct 22, 2017
I feel like this going to be like the "Notebook" when he writes her but her mom keeps it from her, but this time she calls, his "someone" keeps saying he is busy. Just a theory. Anyone else think that?
Nianah_Hannah Nianah_Hannah Jan 24, 2017
True I've lost contact to my friends when I moved to another content
silventescapade silventescapade Oct 19, 2013
Did she just watch the hunkiness of the great Channing Tatum?! Owwww :D And the greeny eyes of the mysterious guy. Well, I have my own guess of his identity now. Hahaha.