Supernatural Fog (Supernatural Freak #2)

Supernatural Fog (Supernatural Freak #2)

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Louisaklein By Louisaklein Updated Nov 11, 2013

1) Learn how to use your new powers;

2) Find the other spirits;

3) Keep up with the training;

4) Defeat the Dark Cloud;

5) Don’t you ever,  EVER fall in love with your best friend.

Yeah, easier said than done. Supernatural Freak Robyn Wise is, well, freaking out.

She’s trying to adjust to her new life as the Spirit of the Cat’s incarnation. But with little success.  She cannot find the other animal spirits who are supposed to help her, nor can she master the tricky art of telekinesis.
And then there’s James, her wizard best friend. They kissed in a moment of passion, right after she had slayed a powerful infernal monster.

After that, being around James awakens a range of emotions she’s really not eager to analyse. She just wants to be back to normal, to be friends again. Trouble is, it’s not that easy.

Especially when a mysterious Fog attacks London and the city’s survival depends on she teaming up with James. But it’s not a big deal, right? They can totally keep things friendly and professional, right? Right? RIGHT?

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