The Devil Meets His Match

The Devil Meets His Match

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LucienneCross By LucienneCross Updated Jun 15

"I love you," said the famous devil known as Raven Blackwood. 

"What? Are you serious? After all, I sold some of your pictures on eBay, used your toothbrush as a toilet cleaner, received death threats from your ex-girlfriends, hacked your Facebook account-" 

"You what?!" Raven hissed at me as he held both of my arms in a death grip. 

"Oops?" I managed to whisper as I kneed him in the crotch area and made a run for it. 

"I take back what I said!" I heard Raven yell closely behind me, and I willed my legs to run faster. 


After almost getting killed by a trespasser, Levane Farrell has to deal living the Devil's advocate, namely, Raven Blackwood. Talk about bad luck. On top of that, Raven's father continuously plays pranks on them, which may or may not bring the two closer together. The reasons? Well, his first reason was for Raven to have a serious relationship with someone, and his best candidate was Levane Farrell. Unfortunately, the rest of the reasons are still unknown, but it may not take too long for them to find out.

After all, you'll never know when cupid might interfere.

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Book starts out with the main charecter getting killed. I love this story
fluffymaniac fluffymaniac Dec 23, 2016
I saw the word illuminating and I know that this is going to be a really good book cause Shawn Mendes new album? Anyone?
Hot_Olaf21 Hot_Olaf21 Apr 22, 2016
Damn, their daughter almost died and they don't come and see her
Alien-Girl-Writes Alien-Girl-Writes Jun 06, 2016
Instead of a metal bat i would grab my phone load up snap chat and see that drunk man with the dog filter
xheyennx xheyennx Jan 11, 2016
Always take the cell phone just incase you want to capture a video on snap. 
                              Snap momments you'll never know when they come up.
_iwillreadyourstory_ _iwillreadyourstory_ Mar 24, 2015
great first chapter, honestly had me hooked. I like your description of the stabbing scene.  Definitely going to read on x