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Stripper by Night Student by Day (Teacher Student Romance)

Stripper by Night Student by Day (Teacher Student Romance)

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Marijah By NotsoNoticable Updated Nov 17, 2013

She's a stripper and works hard for everything she needs. He's a teacher from the dirty south with a smart ass mouth to match his personality.  Head strong and certainly motivated and determined Maddie is an independent Cinderella without the evil step mother and step sisters, at 17 she has been through so much and it only made her stronger. Now there is Jesse Mannings, he's her prince just without the charmingness. He irks her, gets under her skin but it's for the best, he see's her hurting and his southern upbringing won't let him walk away from this broken girl. What will be in store for this fiercely independent girl and this smart ass southern gent?

- - Aug 24, 2015
Omg this is totally about me XD just kidding, I'm not a stripper but my name is Maddie
morbidsadgirl morbidsadgirl Sep 05, 2013
Wait, shouldn't it be 'student by night, stripper by day'? Makes more my opinion....anyways love so far:)
NotsoNoticable NotsoNoticable Nov 09, 2012
@txflower0709 Thanks so much and yes I will, maybe this weekend I will have a new chapter up
txflower0709 txflower0709 Nov 09, 2012
Are you going to continue this story?  I really hope so fell in love with it!  It's something unique and not something many would write about and you are doing great!
KingVanessa_ KingVanessa_ Sep 08, 2012
I Like This:) i wanted to cheek out your stuff since yu read mine's THANKS BTW
tinyaesthete tinyaesthete Jul 20, 2012
Hey, this is really good! It'll be better with some editting here and there though. If you don't mind, I could do it for you? :) 
                              Just message me whenever you're free xx