Justin Bieber Dirty Imagine

Justin Bieber Dirty Imagine

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kidrauhlingjdb By kidrauhlingjdb Updated Oct 17, 2013

You get home from school and plop all your stuff down on the bed. 

"Hey baby" Justin says. You grin and go up to him and kiss him on the cheek. You turn around to get something from your bag but he keeps his grip on your hand. You turn around to look at him and he winks and bites his lips. You go up to him and put your lips inches to his,

"So, Justin. You want to help me with that?" You motion towards jerry with your eyes and wink. You stare into his eyes and you lean and kiss him very gently as you start to rub jerry through his pants. You pull away still close to his lips and grab ahold of his dick very firmly. He throws his head back and bites his lip, 

"Ahhhhh shiiit!" He moans. 

"Do you like that Justin?" You ask

"Mhmmmm", you can feel as you stroke him through his pants, that he is extremely hard and by the looks he's giving you, you know that he wants you to just take it out and keep going. You can feel his hand creep out your shirt, and he starts kissing your neck. It feel...