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naughtysouls By naughtysouls Updated May 02, 2015

"Agent 864, I want you to hurt her, not physically, but mentally. Make her as weak as a napkin, exhaust her until she breaks as if she is being thrown against a wall like a glass vase. Suck out every single emotion she has and then bring her here - totally empty. I want you to destroy  her."


There is something hidden inside the walls of Holmes Chapel, something - or someone - powerful without knowing it. Many seek for it, doing things for it the daylight could not even handle and with finally having found out who holds the secret hidden deep under her skin, Agent 864 gets the mission to rip it out of Olivia's body, but uses a very unique way to succeed. 

{Themes; psychological thriller, romance, mature, & science fiction.}   Highest position in ranking: Mysterie / Thriller #1 / Sciencefiction #1

  • betrayal
  • dirty
  • dominance
  • dominant
  • mature
  • mission
  • neighbor
  • personal
  • pschygolotical
  • psycho
  • romance
  • thriller
  • trainer
orrrr you could just be like “hey can you stop by my work sometime” after getting to know her. and she’ll be like “ya sure” instead of going to the extremes damn
drunkfreak drunkfreak Nov 14, 2017
is it ok if I imagine her as claudia tihan cuz she's gorgeous
shaivi321 shaivi321 Feb 07
Saying it so many times in a sentence us very annoying I'm just talking in general I hate when people do do
eesharules eesharules Jul 01, 2017
wow I've only read the first chapter and I'm so into this book
BeyondHarry BeyondHarry Jan 25
Just let me see she lives at ‘HOLMES CHAPEL house’ on ‘HOLMES CHAPEL’ road in a place called ‘HOLMES CHAPEL’ *face palm*
For everyone who’s American it would be $1,418,221.16 so do w that what you will