The Forced Attraction (#2)

The Forced Attraction (#2)

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Formerly known as "The Billionaire's Forced bride ".


"Holly, I want you to marry me." She knew it wasn't a proposal, it was more like an order. He knew what was going on in her family. He knew how desperately she wanted to get away and he was taking advantage of it.


"Holly, your answer ?" Now, he had the audacity to ask her that!

"Mr.Mars, how about we act like this never happened. I'll move on and so will you. I think I can manage my own problems." Holly retorted with her little chin held high up in the air, showing clear signs of defiance.

He came forward and bent down so that his lips lightly brushed against her ear lobe. "Now.. now.. Little Holly ! I know what you want, what you are going through and I can get you away from it. You have two days. Meet me at Coral Cafe at 8 in the morning. I expect a positive response, my sweet. You know I don't do 'No'."

With that said he turned on his heels and left her standing t...

Wongiee Wongiee Mar 01, 2017
Her name is Holly? I know it has beautiful meaning but I heard too many American curse with that "holly......", so I almost though that he is cursing while asking her to be his 😂😂😂.
fuckilooklike fuckilooklike Feb 25, 2015
I thought she said Mars as in the planet, smh I read too fast.
SamTheCar SamTheCar Dec 07, 2014
Hmmm weird my boyfriend name is Ethan. When I say boyfriend put the word imaginary in front of it.
plasticatedchocolate plasticatedchocolate Oct 27, 2014
You know? You should put Mom/Mum because English people like me spell it Mum. I'm not being mean or anything, it's just easier for me to read. (Please don't argue with me!)
Elizabethwhite888 Elizabethwhite888 Oct 17, 2014
I really like this, especially his dominant characteristic :D
xoxor12 xoxor12 Sep 07, 2014
I find it funny how I'm reading this book and eating a Mars bar ...