Mystery Man Revealed (Now Published so sample only)

Mystery Man Revealed (Now Published so sample only)

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Sandra By SandraCorton Completed

He saw her that day, the first day she started working for his sick aunt. She was bubbly, vivacious, slightly crazy and stunningly beautiful. She made his aunt laugh and smile, like she hadn't done in years. She saw him that day too. She smiled and waved at him as though pleased to see him. 

He did nothing. He knew then that she was the innocent destined to lose her life to give him his immortality. 

The following day he had the windows to his sanctuary tinted so she couldn't see in. He could see out though. For the next six months before his aunt died, he watched her every day. At the funeral he couldn't take his eyes off her sombre figure.

At the reading of the will, he scowled outwardly that she was given the gatehouse. Inwardly he smiled the brightest smile knowing she would have to work for him to actually attain it. 

She had intrigued him from that first smile, he wanted to know this enigma of a woman. Even though he would take her life, he wanted to know her.

Honey Combes was there for Rosie Jackson's funeral. She saw Aiden Jackson watching her and could only wonder why. To her he had become known only as the mystery man. The man that never smiled, spent every moment of his life cooped up in a little room but was loved dearly by his now dead aunt.

Finding out Rosie had left her a house had astonished Honey. She wasn't too sure about the terms though. She knew she had to accept that she was pretty broke. She also didn't want to keep living with her parents and three younger sisters. 

It was only six months she had to work for him. Maybe she would uncover the hidden layers of him that had always fascinated her or it could be the worst six months of her life.

Little did she know her life was about to be extinguished by the one man that fascinated her. To extend his own life would he take hers?

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darkbeauty55 darkbeauty55 Dec 18, 2016
I understand how she feels. I also got three sisters. Just turned 18. Still in HS but feel utterly useless. I hope that won't be the case when I graduate.
katie_ssi katie_ssi Apr 17, 2016
I just had to recheck. This is a vampire story. Wow. My first vampire book without realizing
_1nmr8_ _1nmr8_ Mar 04, 2017
The only blood that will be stained on those floors is her popped 🍒 
ScarletFox_13 ScarletFox_13 Dec 31, 2015
That's the name of my sister which mistaken as my mother because of my classmates hahaha another coincidence hahaha
- - Oct 12, 2015
Even in death she funny af. God i wish she had stuck around a little longer