Searching Light  (Remus Lupin)

Searching Light (Remus Lupin)

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Amber Diamanté is what people call a Rectornatura. She can control the four elements for now, but when Mutatio happens when she's sixteen, she gets plenty of other powers. She sees good in everybody but herself, and her heart is pure gold. But when her parents die, she's shipped off to live with her only living relatives, her fifth cousins the Blacks. Having Narcissa and Bellatrix as sisters is awful and they treat her like dirt. Over the summer to fifth year, she changes her appearance, so when she goes to Hogwarts, she finds a boy in her year and house. She struggles with her secret whist falling in love with him, and he struggles with his own as he falls for her too.

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@BoyWhoSneezed I forbid it to be moony it's not moony it's not Merlin forbid
Galaxygamerkitten Galaxygamerkitten Sep 10, 2016
Fenrir!! *he walks over* I killed her family. *he says darkly and the I put a little silver on his arm.* be a good boy
Rogue_Bluebird Rogue_Bluebird Nov 05, 2016
Now all I can imagine is the werewolf from hotel transilvania
Lunar-Lover Lunar-Lover May 30, 2016
What happens if you don't have a soul? I don't have one I'm a ginger.
madmaddyr5 madmaddyr5 Sep 20, 2016
Does she know the Merrick's? (I don't think anyone will get this reference)
thatmaraudersgxrl thatmaraudersgxrl Dec 07, 2016
Did I miss something because I didn't realise she was their sibling. I just screamed in excitement