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Wattpad 101: Your guide to the world of Wattpad

Wattpad 101: Your guide to the world of Wattpad

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Dorian T. Chase By elementalcobalt Updated Jan 21

So you just started an account... Or maybe you've been here a while and you just aren't getting a feel for things. Well Dorian is here to help you out! Here is an ongoing guide and the tricks of the trade. How to get followers, how to critique work, how to be popular, and how to write. Feel free to throw out comments for suggestions to things you'd like to hear more about. Good Luck and Happy Writing!

xXMarkusHarrisXx xXMarkusHarrisXx Oct 21, 2016
I filled my profile it's not the best looking profile but it's OK to me 😊
bobo-the-hobo bobo-the-hobo Jun 09, 2016
Thank you. ^(8.8)^.  I hope now my stories can maybe get more reads or votes. probs not XD
BobbieKinkead BobbieKinkead Aug 23, 2016
😃 THANKS, don't know what a stream is, Or the critic thread?
LordDagz LordDagz Sep 13, 2016
your guide is super duper awesome! it's pretty useful for my books. :)
K_E_Francis K_E_Francis Sep 18, 2016
Do you know how the stars actually work though? Like if a lot of people star your chapters does it go up in rank or is it more like a thumbs up from the reader?
Jess_Kinner Jess_Kinner Sep 22, 2016
I'm a writer and critiquer, though I do my fair share of reading. My critiquing skills receive positive feedback 99% of the time, to anyone looking for a BETA reader and/or premature editor.