The Street Fighter ✔️ #Wattys2017

The Street Fighter ✔️ #Wattys2017

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What I see in the mirror is nothing special. I see a girl with dark brown almost black hair, with brown eyes that have been dull for years. I sigh and raise my shirt so I can see the bruises from my opponent last night. If  you haven't guessed yet I am a street fighter and a good one at that. I fight in a place called The Underground where my manager Smith sets up my fights. Although I'm only 5'3, I still only fight with men. For me that means more money that I win. Did I mention I am undefeated at The Underground? No, well I am and almost everyone places their bets on me. Or should I say placed because me and my family are moving across the country to New York which means I have to find a new place to fight and make money. That was really my only problem with moving because I don't have any friends here, it's not like people haven't tried I just don't like getting to close to people.

Although my family still doesn't know about my street fighting, we still are very close after what happened with my father. They left but I know they will come back and finish what they started and that's why I started street fighting. I need to be able to protect me and my family when they do come back. I'm not letting my family get hurt this time.


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