Pink & Green | Stevidot ~ Book 1

Pink & Green | Stevidot ~ Book 1

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PꂅᏒᎥᎠԾϮ <3 By RosyGems Updated Dec 20, 2016

"Singing a song, walking to the barn, seeing the twigs and yarn... going to see Peridot and Lapis, hopefully going to see happiness, walking though th-" I stopped singing. 

Peridot was staring at the sunset, it was a beautiful day today. The wind blew through her hair as if it was murmuring. She sat exactly where the gems sat the day we went to the moon base, that day was ages ago. Many has happened since then, me and Peridot beat the cluster, the invasion of the rubies. Huh. It's funny how time can go by so fast. 

Peridot then looked behind her swiftly... 



That is a small segment of this new Stevidot book. I know, I know, I've written many of these and kept deleting them. So I'll try to do my best on this one. Also this book contains spoilers for Steven Universe, read at your own risk. 


Ever since the cluster has been bubbled many things has happened. The rubies invasion, Jasper's corruption and the fusion of Steven and Amethyst. Heck. Steven has even been trapped in a bubble in outer space. 

Steven has feelings for Connie. Peridot has starting to feel strange around Steven. She has a idea of it but everything else she know about it is like a blank slate. 

Steven wants to admit his feelings to Connie, but then he has been noticing the occasional fast heartbeats, the craving for being around her. He has been noticing the things he felt to Connie but this time to Peridot. 

Will everything be okay, will stress keep dumping on Steven? 

Well. You'll have to read to find out. 


Note 2: 

If you hate this ship, get the hell away from it. Got it? Good. 

This contains no mature content besides romance.

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Person_readin Person_readin Oct 22, 2017
It's a beautiful day today
                              The birds are singing
                              The flowers are blooming
                              On days like these
                              Stevidot shippers like us
                              SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL
Clairepainterofbirds Clairepainterofbirds Nov 20, 2016
Little comment what's with Steven sleeping and extra nine hours.