The Mafia Heir (TBS-F!)

The Mafia Heir (TBS-F!)

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The Mafia Heir Book 1:
Revenge of the Past

Watty's 2015 winner #Collector's Dream

A world where the word mercy is no longer exist. Death is the only way to escape the cruelty. Are you ready to face your destiny?
Eve was only a normal teenager girl until her grand father's death came along who's a Mafia Boss- the Don.
She's going to replace his throne but, is she brave enough to face the world she never expected to be in?

© 2013-2015

  • betrayal
  • boss
  • fiction
  • friendship
  • gangster
  • heiress
  • mafia
  • mystery
  • theliteraryawards2017
  • thriller
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zakie143 zakie143 Apr 16, 2017
Waaaaah gurl gus2 ko yan.. Action.. Hahaha revenge is cmming
ErvieFrias ErvieFrias Apr 06, 2017
waaahhh 😢 i can feel the pain she was feeling while im reading *sob* 😭
                              go eve 😢 u can make it !!
iiXelle iiXelle May 31, 2017
Yung mga gantong iksena, hindi ko maiwasang isipin na yung may gawa ng ganitong bagay ay yung pamilya ng makakatuluyan nung bidang babae 😂😂😂😂 Mostly kasi ganun ang nababasa ko, they're influencing nah mind!!! 😂😂😂✌✌✌
EdmharieCendaa EdmharieCendaa May 09, 2017
Ngaun ko p lng naisupan basahin...prolonged p lng maganda na...sana sa mga susunod n chapter maganda p rin...😁
khitty_lover khitty_lover Feb 14, 2017
Nsan po ung ibang chapters? Ang ganda pa nman nitong story mo ms. Author! #Silentreader here! Super live this story! :-*
cripzkillia cripzkillia Feb 17, 2017
wow as in kahit ulitin ko pa ito ng ulitin maganda pa dn ndi ko nman na pinancn un mga maling error hehe bxta maganda un ginawa mo pong story .. i really love it this story