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Dancing Through Life

Dancing Through Life

107K Reads 4.4K Votes 25 Part Story
Riley By beautifullytragic919 Completed

Meet Cassandra Rose, aka Cassie. She's your typical nerd, perfect grades, goody two-shoes, ect. What most people don't know is...she loves to dance.  Everything from pointe to hip-hop, she's been dancing for as long as she can remember. She even teaches classes at her local dance studio to get extra money. So what happens when Daniel Thorn, most popular guy in school, comes to pick up his little sister and recognizes Cassie from school and refuses to leave her alone?
***disclaimer*** I wrote this when I was like, 10. I'm really only keeping it up for laughs, so just read at your own risk.

If she didn't won't him messing with her than why tf did she tell him her name
mishakelly mishakelly Jun 19, 2016
im sorry to inform you but...... you wrote a story your an author now:)
Actually my parents started dating in high school and are still married so it's possible
ariejhell ariejhell Jun 29, 2016
Author is just a title you can be a author if you want to be.
lifeoffangirlss lifeoffangirlss Oct 17, 2016
i know this story is completed, but i think maybe dylan o'brien or francisco lachowski?
SheWolfz SheWolfz Jan 24, 2016
I don't write but I do love reading. I know when I land on talents person. Keep up the good work.