The Songbird and The Heart Tattoo (BxB)

The Songbird and The Heart Tattoo (BxB)

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Super Writers! By CassSam Updated Aug 22, 2017

Oliver Michaels, 17 years old and lives a normal life.

or does he?

With parents who neglect him, and two twins brothers who know nothing about it. With a wild bestfriend and a beautiful singing voice. Oliver has a pretty weird life.

And it only gets weirder.

Ace Collins 18 years old, comes into Oliver's life after he sees him in the first period of their class. While Oliver is clueless and doesn't want anything to do with Ace. Ace finds himself falling in love with innocent Oliver. Oliver deals with the denial of not accepting the Bad Boy, but Ace isn't going to accept that. 

After time, hanging out with Ace, Oliver realizes that the weird feeling he has when he's with his Bad Boy maybe in fact Love?

Watch the Songbird and the Bad Boy, soon realize there love for each other, on this wild adventure of "The Songbird and The Heart Tattoo!"


From both of us, this is a very shity novel. We want you to read, but, there is still time to save you, just yknow, click that back button. Hahaha........BUT if you don't care PLEASE click the start reading button. ;)

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CassSam CassSam Feb 20, 2017
We're gonna have the new update tomorrow, sorry for the long wait T~T