Unseen | ✔

Unseen | ✔

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Elyse By Elyse-Ri Completed

She lay on her bed, blood seeping through her skin, a fractured rib. She knew there would be no doctor, no way for anyone to find out. She knew she would not be saved. 

From the outside, Isabelle Thompson had the perfect family. A protective brother, a hard-working father and a nurturing mother. Everyone knew who they were, and everyone knew they wouldn't kill a fly.

But they had a secret, and big fat juicy one too.

Isabelle was always quiet. She never spoke, she always wore dark clothing, and she had no friends. It was easier that way. No one would find out, no one knew her. 

Until a bright sparkle of Adam Black came fluttering into her life. 

Always remember: 'Stay hidden, and remain unseen.'

(Trigger Warning)
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