The Dark World Kyler (boyxboy)

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Tokyo Jr By SomethingXXWickedXX Updated 2 years ago
Kyler has no idea whats going on with the strange things happening to him. Acute hearing and smelling, and even seeing. He also has no clue to why he's so in love with some guy hes meets at a night club. "If she looks at him like that again I'll tear her eyes out." Kyler thinks things like that often when he and Mason are around each other. Will he find out Mason is his soul mate, and he's a werewolf, or will Mason keep him in the dark about the strange world he dragged Kyler into.
you know, i'm glad he had a cautious demeanor the whole time in the club cuz most of the times the guys are just too mesmerized by the other sexy guy too even care for caution sheesh