Save Me

Save Me

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Victoria Star By victoria22star Updated Nov 03, 2015

I watched as the blood slipped down my arm to land in a small puddle on the floor.
Will I ever be saved from this?

I finished the bottle, before lighting a joint. I was driven into this. 
Will I ever be saved from this?

Cali, and Troy are two people living dysfunctional lives.  But only they know that. Until they fall in love.

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TatorTots391 TatorTots391 Dec 05, 2017
I claim these dots as my own and name them Bob, Sam and Clair
bribri25410 bribri25410 Jan 22, 2017
Actually just wear shorts and a tanktop with a flannel and every guy even the quite ones go crazy 😀
punch-a-dolphin punch-a-dolphin Jan 22, 2016
I laughed and said, 'I know, it's sort of my thing' and grinned at him
punch-a-dolphin punch-a-dolphin Jan 22, 2016
I'm sorry, I have a thing that when I read about someone that looks like me or has the same name as me I take it very personally and replace that character with myself.
punch-a-dolphin punch-a-dolphin Jan 22, 2016
AWWWWWW, IM ZOE TOO! I LIKE READING! I'm sure as hell not innocent though. I'm pretty sure I scared a BTN (Behind The News) presenter when I started making daggers and sharpened sticks out of a wire I found in the school yard.
PandasRule00 PandasRule00 Feb 02, 2015
I'm new to creating stories on here and I can't seem to get bold fond and italics to work can u help me?