Noble Meets Magic [Black Butler/ft. S!M!R]

Noble Meets Magic [Black Butler/ft. S!M!R]

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°•°•°•°•° By SeiyokuSeme Updated Aug 29, 2017

(Sebastian/Claude/Ciel/Yandere-ish!Alois x Seme!Male!Reader)
There's a hidden magician out in London. He appears every few days, mostly interrupting younger 'magicians', and performing things that could be called impossible during that time. Though, nobody suspected anything, all except for the one and only, Ciel Phantomhive.
Agh, screw descriptions. I can't do them. Yes, only those two, since you'll be interacting with those two only. AND GUESS WHAT?!!? This actually has a plot to it! *Dramatic gasp!* I know!

I do need to tell you though. 
EXPECT: Bad grammar, spelling errors, oocness, a bit of smut, a bit of lime, and Ciel is still in his 13yo body, just 17 in this. M/n being 18, Alois is 18 as well, and Sebastian being old, but still hot. Though, this is also when Ciel is a demon as well.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and the few oc's in here.

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BdbLuck BdbLuck Jul 10, 2017
Plz continue! I like this story already although not much has been said so far! 👍
YunokouYeo YunokouYeo Oct 04, 2017
NeverWasHuman NeverWasHuman Aug 10, 2017
BRAVO BRAVO WHAT A SMASHING STORY! I screamed this cause I knew what it was as soon as I saw the picture so I was like: HAAAAA HARRY POTTERS FAMILY ORIGIN STORY!!!!
shirainwonder2001 shirainwonder2001 Nov 25, 2016
Don't tease me , looking forward to the book, don't die of blood lose😉
Makkuchi Makkuchi Dec 06, 2016
That moment when you're in class and you don't know your you want to die or hide under your jacket because nosebleed fml
noticemesenpai22 noticemesenpai22 Dec 04, 2016
Yo im not gonna lie. I almost cried reading this. It is so beautiful and amazing. I give this story the moosha seal of approval! I am begging you, please update. I need this story!!!