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The Girl Who Never Spoke (discontinued)

The Girl Who Never Spoke (discontinued)

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anony_otaku By anony_otaku Updated Jun 14

There was once a girl named Elsa Adler. A 12 year old girl who lives in Zhiganshina District of wall Maria, the outermost wall. Elsa is anti-social. She doesn't have any friends and people think she's abnormal, she says to herself that they are the ones who are abnormal. 
  She never once spoken in her life. Nobody knows what's wrong with her, even she doesn't know herself. Could she probably be mute? Or have a disability of speaking? Nobody knows exactly. Some say that it's due to brain damage or medical conditions. 
  Others say that her mother was sick that made her sick too. But those are rumors. Elsa likes to stay in her home with her family and just look out the window staring at people. 
  She has one brother, and two loving parents. Her parents never force her to speak to them, they just leave her alone for her to speak one day. 
  She hides secrets from her parents about joining the Survey Corps so that she wont get scolded. She has incredible strength developed by her father. 
  Her father has just joined the Survey Corps. To annihilate the Titans that are passing through our walls. Wall Maria, Wall Rose ,and Wall Sina. 
  She has a liking to be in the Scouting Legions, then to the Survey Corps to follow her father.  The people live in a caged world, being protected by Titans' approach. 
  From so many centuries of these walls, people say that it's going to fall apart soon by the incoming Titans. It's happening now.. the Titans are coming.
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DatOneFiss DatOneFiss May 02
Do u want to build some titan come on let's go and diiiiie!!!!😂😂😂
YARGMonSteR YARGMonSteR Apr 18
I thought it said stay away from my titan family and I was like WHAT
I have a dealing Elsa won't be able to..let it go (😉) Made that pun for two reasons one her name, two that the person who voiced mikasa in the Japanese dub also voiced Elsa in the Japanese dub
ZheAnimeReader ZheAnimeReader Jul 18, 2016
First Thing That Comes up:
                              "Elsa. DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOW MAN?!"
DeadlySinner80 DeadlySinner80 Jul 18, 2016
QuinnS024 QuinnS024 Aug 08, 2016
U made it sound like she had her arm up to punch him then saw mikasa and unclenched her fist and put her arm down so how u worded it makes no sense