Memories (The Pack)

Memories (The Pack)

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*Story prompt not mine... I just adjusted it a little*

     What was his name again? Nick? No... Vikk. His name was Vikk. 

     Vikk finds himself in a forest at night, surrounded by miles and miles of trees. His only light source is a single torch, but the heavy fog settling in the area makes it impossible to see anything. Vikk tries to figure out where he is, but draws a blank. And soon enough a new thought is crossing his mind. How did he get here in the fist place? Something's tugging at his mind... He's forgetting something. But what?


Note: This is minecraft AU, so everyone looks like they do in minecraft. Also this story is Poofless, Vikklan, and Merome... But not in any direct way. I'll leave that to your imagination ;)

Disclaimer: I do not own any pictures, the game minecraft, or any characters. 

Original prompt: Write about a character who finds themselves lost in a forest at night. They have limited light but the heavy fog makes it impossible to know where they are going. Explore their thoughts... As they realize they don't know how they actually got there in the first place.

*Currently unedited, my apologies for any mistakes

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