The eyes of a mermaid

The eyes of a mermaid

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Queen Hoezilla By Psychotic_Devil Completed


Aquamarine is no ordinary girl. She has a golden tail. A goddess tail, a brother who is a God. Parents that were captured by her nightmares.


So when Aqua goes to a 'human' school she thought. She doesn't know that she's in the middle of a werewolf territory. And before she knows it the Alpha's son is her mate, Alerik. He rejects her, like any other girl he does. 
He left her angry, sad and confused to why he's speaking junk.

But then the Hunters are back for Aqua's and President's blood. Alerik gets suspicious about Aqua's life. To know why she's missing school loads. Why does she have a...TAIL?

Will Alerik see inside of the eyes of a mermaid?

  • family
  • gods
  • hunter
  • love
  • mermaid
  • rejection
  • sea
  • werewolf
Why would you tell us that? Now I can't be scholarly like my English teacher wants me to be, and put two and two together.
Drakensklaw Drakensklaw Oct 22, 2017
It's a bit annoying to have all those notes in the middle of a chapter, maybe keep them for the end?
Zciljian_maslow Zciljian_maslow Jul 31, 2017
So,Poseidon is your brother... does that also include Hades and Zeus? Or they not part/mentioned in the storyline?... Just curious😁
NoSurvivor NoSurvivor Mar 24, 2017
The first thing that I see when I read this book got me 😂😂
_ShadowPanda_ _ShadowPanda_ Jul 31, 2017
Atleast you have a car...I have to walk my ass to school in the span of 20 minutes
Savin-5165 Savin-5165 Apr 21, 2017
You read that then do a double take and be like wait what then laugh for a while while everyone around you thinks you crazy 😂😂