Taming the Mafia Boss

Taming the Mafia Boss

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cmstarj By cmstarj Updated Feb 16, 2014

Rhys Pierce Trace :


Is a 17 years old gay student. He is funny, cute, and a really clumsy person that always trips on something even on nothing and has the ability to kill himself because of his clumsiness. He is also a magnet for trouble because he always lets his curiosity get the best of him added that he is also the type of person that always acts first before thinking so all in all ... he is a cute troublesome fellow with the ability to kill himself because of his clumsiness.


Alexander Blaze Parker


Famous for being a billionaire at the young age of 25. Always gets what he wants. With good looks that can turn a sraight guy gay and lots of money, girls and gays always flocks around him. He is also known for being heartless and a man who changes partners like changing clothes, since he is always seen having another partner almost every other day. Despite all these, girls still always lines up for him. He is also bisexual so even males always surrounds him.

Now this is just him in the eyes of the public since he also have another side of him.

He's also very famous when it comes to the underworld. Well, who wouldn't be, especially if your the leader of the most feared mafia organization in the world that's known for being heartless, especially their leader. Some even say that he's like a monster, some even referred him as a demon that even his most trusted members also feared him. He's also a perfectionist and doesn't take any shit or excuses from anyone, which makes their group even powerful.


So, what happens when our little bunny caught the wolf's attention? Let's just say that the wolf always gets what he wants, but not without the prey putting up a good fight. Which makes all hell broke loose.




A/N: First time writing an English story so please forgive me for any grammatical errors and misspelled words. ( -/.\- )

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ShabanaKhan590 ShabanaKhan590 Aug 28, 2017
The Story is so good can't wait read next chapters. Don't worry about Grammar or mistakes.
Ohana_4_Life Ohana_4_Life Jul 04, 2017
I love your introduce!!!!!!!!!!!! It's nice,can't wait to read the rest!!!
KingSeyton KingSeyton Oct 31, 2016
I thought I was reading a story by my friend, she has bad grammar speaking and writing..
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Nice. In love with ya story already. Looking forward to reading all chapters. Take care dear.
Otaku_Lady_ Otaku_Lady_ May 14, 2015
I am new to this story but could 17 be 18 because that is a legal age to date someone who is 25
ClariceBookman ClariceBookman May 11, 2015
Great opening summary.  I wish you would update one day soon.  It has been a year now.