(HIATUS) DUALITY (Highschool Dxd Rias X Male reader X Akeno X OC)

(HIATUS) DUALITY (Highschool Dxd Rias X Male reader X Akeno X OC)

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justrandomthings By justrandomthings808 Updated Oct 10

Just trying my hand at writing.

You are a quiet student at Kuoh Academy . No one really talks to you except Issei. You have joined the Occult Research Club not by choice, but understood the reason Rias would not let you walk away. You quiet isolated life slowly begins to change as you are around the members of the club and you see that you have forgotten many things of your past.

I don't own Highschool DxD, you or any of the music.

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What really matters is if you enjoy writting the story. And im pretty sure everyone is njoying the story
Lucas_Fury Lucas_Fury Apr 26
Wow! How rude. Telling me to die, and then killing me. Didn't even ask for permission, like damn!
Lucas_Fury Lucas_Fury Apr 26
Is the fountain full of mountain dew? That's the only reason I would keeping looking at it.
Lucas_Fury Lucas_Fury Apr 26
*Stands up on his desk*  *takes out a megaphone* He is NOT my friend. Thank you. *sits back down*
Lucas_Fury Lucas_Fury Apr 26
Its THE sir prince of the school, the one and only. Get it right peasant!
- - Mar 12
Uhm...Rias' eyes are not red,there blue (blue-green in the anime)