The Dog (Another Naruto Fanfic) [On Hold]

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Dream By DreamMemories Updated 3 years ago
I have never known freedom. Living in the Compound everyday of your life, how everything- including your name and the clothes you wear- is controlled by one woman. Mistress. She enjoys having us fight to the death in matches against people of different houses to gain their rank up. Oh, yes, even the people you are with is controlled. We girls (it is a girls only compound- breeding would be a hassle, you see) are divided accourding to whichever Chinese Zodiac House we fit into. It is quite enjoyable. Really. So enjoyable, in fact, that a young girl named 390 and i run away together after meeting some interesting ninja that caught a runaway. I now owe one of them a match. So, both 390 and i run. For our lives. Or at least, we try.
Just want to say i play with explosives and art is fleeting art is explosive
Love it!!!! And I have the same profile picture as the mistress
loved the fact that she is unbeatable!!!! and doesn't give a shizz what others think!!!