The Mark or a POSSESSIVE Mate

The Mark or a POSSESSIVE Mate

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Knight_14!!!^_^ By SheilaBasquial Updated Aug 20, 2017

"You are mine Stella, I can't lose you. Even if it means tying you down, then I'll do it. You won't leave this room until you realize that. Good night love." He said attempting to kiss me but I looked away making him kiss my cheek instead.

He gave out a deep sigh and left the room; and as usual, he locked it. I heard his footsteps fade slowly, I lay down on my bed and cried my eyes out.

I felt my eyes slowly closing because of exhaustion but before I could, I heard deep and frightening growls outside my room.

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Diaboliklovers21 Diaboliklovers21 May 20, 2016
I really enjoy reading ths story. Its the best. I am sooooo hoooked!!!!!!!
dejavuasia dejavuasia Mar 21, 2016
I like how this story starts off differently than other stories I have read. Like usually the girl is in some trouble and then the guy comes and saves her and takes her away
Diaboliklovers21 Diaboliklovers21 May 20, 2016
This is really good. It has a different beginning. I like that. It makes the story so much different from others. Keep up the good work.
Diaboliklovers21 Diaboliklovers21 May 20, 2016
ClariceGrimes ClariceGrimes Jul 05, 2014
I'm already attached to the story!!! Can't wait to see what comes next! I wonder who that was!?!?!!?