Ultima Galaxy Online

Ultima Galaxy Online

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Sci-fi: The year 20XX, Technology reached a point that virtual reality was achievable. In this year, a Gaming Company created an MMORpg named Ultima Galaxy Online that shook the gaming industry. A guy that goes with the name Raine was chosen to be a Beta-test of this game with a device that could make him enter the game itself...and there his adventuge started...

Based on the animes "Sword Art Online" & "Log Horizon"

"Once the player enters the game the device..." Not meaning to be a grammar nazi, but please fix this.
wow both of thouse show rock and together they will rock more parfely
Blaynero Blaynero Jul 02
I like your how you got Natewantstobattle's cover of the song nice touch
Finally, someone who admits that they're writing fanfiction, or at least using a premise that isn't original.
ianrek ianrek Apr 22
its called full dive, not full drive, jeez haven't you ever heard of full dive VR
I'm sorry I cannot take it. Please change "21th" to "21st".  Besides that it is a good story even if it is the beginning...I will continue reading...now...