The Definition of Time || ✓

The Definition of Time || ✓

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"We were together. I forget the rest." - Walt Whitman

He defined time. Every event in my life is now defined by the time we spent together - the Before and the After. I still remember the day we met, freshmen in college, all eagerness and anticipation. He changed me, broke me, and strengthened me. I will never be the same.
    This story follows Rachel Evans in the before, during, and after of the boy who defined time. She was books, sarcasm, and hot tea. He was teasing, laughter, and the winter sky. When they collided, they would never be the same.

Book One of The Definition Series
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paudickson paudickson Jun 16
Wow! And you say I'm a good writer! You're way better than me! This was very well written. So descriptive!
PizzaGhoul PizzaGhoul Sep 21
Dang didn't think my entire love life was a tragedy 😂 LOVE IT!!
ofthesea- ofthesea- Jul 01
Finally I get to comment on this without being off-side from judging!
                              This is a fantastic opening.  I feel like I'm about to see a really great movie.
Great job with this paragraph! You really captured your character's innermost emotions so well!
Unrequited love is always heartbreaking, but this is written in such a way that it speaks truth and allows whoever that may not understand it, to truly feel the pain that comes with not being loved by someone you've given your heart to.
piyobear88 piyobear88 Mar 09
I'm having a teeth cavity right now and I couldn't describe how painful it is as well as you described her feeling. You successfully get me broken heart just with this paragraph. LOL That's a wonderfully written prologue!